Sexual Harassment

Is Law Enforcement the Next Industry to Face #MeToo?

Posted in #MeToo,Breaking News,Sexual Harassment on August 16, 2018

By John D. Winer August 16, 2018 With the arrival of the #MeToo movement, one of the last industries to address workplace sexual harassment is law enforcement. However, a new bill working its way through the state legislature may provide stronger protections for victims of workplace sexual harassment within the law enforcement industry. If SB… read more

Sexual Misconduct and Airlines: When Flying the Friendly Skies Becomes Too Friendly

Posted in #MeToo,Breaking News,Sexual Harassment on August 7, 2018

Written by John D. Winer Air travel is a strange proposition. Between the time doors on the plane close and then open, the people on board are stuck together for the duration. For the most part, flights take off and land without any real incident. However, the behavior women are forced to endure can be… read more

Sexual Harassment in the Hotel Industry

Posted in #MeToo,Breaking News,Sexual Harassment on August 3, 2018

Written by John Winer August 3, 2018 In the average hotel, a guest will find a front desk in the lobby, a restaurant/bar somewhere on the ground floor and of course rooms. In each of those locations however, there also lives such rampant sexual misconduct that by some estimates nine out of ten hotel employees… read more

Miss America’s #MeToo Moment

Posted in #MeToo,Sexual Harassment on July 17, 2018

By John D. Winer July 17, 2018 Beauty pageants like the Miss America competition have long come under fire for objectifying women and judging women against an ideal version of beauty created by men. Finally, thanks largely to the #MeToo movement, Miss America and other pageants are reckoning with the damage this has caused and… read more

Sex Workers Embracing #MeToo

Posted in #MeToo,Sexual Harassment,Sexual Harassment by Industry on July 10, 2018

By John D. Winer July 10, 2018 The #MeToo movement has triggered a tectonic shift in the way our culture views workplace sexual harassment and abuse across a wide range of industries but it hasn’t caught on as quickly for sex workers. Women, men and transgender people who make a living in the sex industry… read more

USC Gynecology Scandal; How to Protect Students

Posted in Sexual Harassment on July 5, 2018

By John Winer July 5, 2018 There is no official count yet on how many women disgraced USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall violated; however, the numbers will most likely be staggering. Thousands of young women attend USC every year, and this doctor worked at the student health center for decades. By early June, it was… read more

UC Berkeley Sexual Harassment Complaints Continue

Posted in Breaking News,Sexual Harassment by Industry on June 14, 2018

UC Berkeley inaction on sexual harassment complaints continues to put students at risk. Recently, several media outlets reported that women at UC Berkeley face layers of bureaucracy when attempting to report instances of faculty members sexually harassing them. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle reported that scores of women are coming forward to heroically… read more

Gay Marriage, Wedding Cakes and Discrimination

Posted in Sexual Harassment on June 7, 2018

By John Winer June 7, 2018 As the civil rights movement in America continues to progress, LGBTQ issues continue to be at the forefront, both in legislatures and courthouses. While there are some very clear lines in terms of what does/doesn’t make up discrimination, several areas remain murky. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court… read more

Institutions Protecting Sexual Predators

Posted in Sexual Harassment on May 30, 2018

By John D. Winer May 30, 2018 The University of Southern California has been under scrutiny for two recent cases involving sexual misconduct on campus. At least 20 women have filed multiple lawsuits against the school’s health center gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall, for sexual misconduct. In the lawsuit, the victims claim that during exams he… read more

Napa Valley Kitchen Worker Alleges Sexual Harassment at Bistro Don Giovanni

Posted in Breaking News,Sexual Harassment by Industry on May 10, 2018

Source: San Francisco Chronicle A 36-year-old woman who works in the kitchen at Napa Valley’s Bistro Don Giovanni is alleging that she was harassed and assaulted by a fellow kitchen worker for months before the restaurant did anything about it, and, since the man’s firing, has been retaliated against. Giovanni Scala, proprietor and co-founder of… read more