Workplace Harassment by Industry

Sexual harassment may manifest in different forms, tones and styles from industry to industry. A fitness industry professional may experience less noticeable harassment than a waitress or vice versa. A construction worker may experience sexual harassment from contractor employees he or she normally does not work with, whereas an office worker often experiences harassment from co-workers whom he or she interacts with daily.

In California, sexual harassment laws are not always clearly defined, but they are enforceable. If you have experienced sexual harassment on the job, while at a job-related function or from a work acquaintance while off the clock, you should speak with an informed, proactive sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible.

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Harassment Prone Industries

What may initially come across as joking or horseplay may develop into different types of harassment. Once that happens, it can get ugly, threatening and consequential quickly. It is imperative that you understand your legal rights and options. A hostile work environment and inappropriate, unwanted actions are things that no person should have to deal with at work.

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