Sexual Harassment in The Finance Industry

Sexual harassment in finance is nothing new. Finance is a highly competitive, testosterone-dominated business. Certain asset classes are overwhelmingly male, leaving female colleagues alienated and subjected to working environments that may be hostile and sexist. However, that does not mean that men cannot also be sexually harassed in the financial industry. Same-sex sexual harassment and women harassing men is also a problem in a culture where everyone is in it to win it.

Intimidation, thinning out the herd and treating people like objects is business as usual. Emotions and feelings are not good for business. If you cannot handle some not so subtle sex-based joking and a little offensive banter, you have no business being in finance. Or, so they would have you think.

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What Can You Do About Banking & Financial Industry Harassment?

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How Is Sexual Harassment Defined?

In the banking and financial industries, this might be a difficult question for a boss or an employer to answer. They may turn a blind eye to subtle forms of offensive behavior, and they may be unwilling to address something that they think would upset the balance of the firm. They may even be the harasser, requesting sexual favors or suggesting a mutually beneficial quid pro quo exchange of favors.

This makes for a hostile work environment. Even most subtle forms of unwelcome and offensive behavior qualify as sexual harassment. Generally, sexual harassment is an unwelcome and unwanted behavior that is sexually suggestive, including touching, leering looks, innuendos, jokes, drawings, emails, notes, pictures, comments about someone’s body, offensive gestures, degrading words, stalking and gender discrimination.

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**We do not represent perpetrators of sexual harassment or those who are accused of sexually harassing behavior.