Fitness Industry Sexual Harassment

In an industry of form-fitting clothing, discussions about body shapes and parts, touching adjustments during exercises, and one-on-one instruction, sexual harassment can rear its ugly head at any moment. Harassment may occur between co-workers and between employees and bosses.

Preventing sexual harassment is not your responsibility. You should inform whomever is exhibiting harassing or abusive behavior that the conduct is unwelcome, unwanted and unprofessional, but your employer is responsible for making the harassment stop and preventing it from occurring in the future. It is best to discuss your sexual harassment policy and specific incidents with an experienced lawyer before taking any additional action.

What Is Sexual Harassment In The Fitness Industry?

The severity and frequency of harassment often varies across industries, but any type of sexual harassment could take place in any industry. In the fitness industry, people may not have a good understanding of individual boundaries, especially relating to touching. If unwelcome, unwanted touching is severe or occurs on a frequent basis, it should be documented and discussed with an attorney.

Common forms of sexual harassment in the fitness industry include:

Any type of harassment can create a hostile work environment, making it difficult to perform one’s job effectively, which can lead to economic and career damages. An experienced sexual harassment attorney can help you enforce your rights and guide you through each step of the legal process, as necessary.

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