‘Price is Right’ sexual harassment suit goes to trial next month

Posted in Sexual Harassment on April 5, 2013

Many of us grew up watching “The Price is Right,” especially on days when we stayed home from school. Although the show is no longer hosted by the much-loved Bob Barker, many of the original aspects of the show are intact; including beautiful female models in revealing outfits.

Behind the scenes, there have been some tumultuous incidents prompting some models to quit. Recently, a California judge green-lighted a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former TPIR model in 2011. Named as defendants in the suit are two of the show’s producers and its production company.

The woman worked on the show from 2003 through 2010 when she resigned. According to her complaint, her resignation stemmed from a highly embarrassing altercation with one of the show’s producers a few months beforehand.

The model says that during one segment, she hadn’t been wearing a microphone and was therefore unable to respond to a question from the host. She wasn’t wearing the microphone because she had run out of time during a previous outfit change.

After the segment, she was changing in her dressing room and one of the show’s producers allegedly busted in and began berating her. She was wearing only thong underwear and had nothing with which to cover herself. She claims that the producer did not try to cover his eyes, look away or apologize for walking in on her in her almost fully nude state.

She alleges that the production company failed to properly investigate her reports about the incident. Her frustrations about this and her embarrassment about the incident prompted her to quit the show three months later.

Ever since she filed the lawsuit, the defendants have been trying to have the case dismissed. Thankfully, a judge has denied that motion and the lawsuit will go to trial next month.

Source: San Marino Tribune, “Pasadena “Price is Right” Model Goes to Trial,” Apr. 4, 2013