Restaurant industry: singular for its high sexual harassment rate

Posted in Sexual Harassment,Sexual Harassment by Industry on December 20, 2016

Although it is both sad and unquestionable that sexual harassment occurs in every industry operative across California and the United States, it is notable that one particular work sphere looms especially large when it comes to this problematic and unlawful behavior.

Namely, that is the restaurant industry. As we note on a page of our website discussing sexual harassment inflicted upon waitresses and servers in the restaurant field, a government estimate posits that fully one-third (actually, a bit more) of all sexual harassment claims emanate from that work realm.

Why is that the case?

Several prominent reasons come to the fore. For starters, waitresses and servers — both female and male — must routinely deal with a wide assortment of people, including co-workers, managers, contractors of various types and, of course, patrons.

And, secondly, many individuals who work in such capacities can feel relatively disempowered, owing to comparatively lower wages and their frequent inability to closely communicate with a professional human relations department. Many lack ready access to relevant information regarding harassment and the steps they can take to stop it. Many restaurant employees work irregular shifts where safety protections are not prominently in place.

We counsel all sexually harassed individuals to avoid passive behavior when they are targeted by harassers. The attorneys at the deeply experienced advocacy law firm of Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP, with offices across California, recommend a solidly proactive stance that can be immediately undertaken through timely consultation with proven legal counsel.

Our attorneys combat sexual harassment with knowledge and aggressive advocacy geared toward stopping unlawful conduct and obtaining optimal legal remedies for the clients who need our help.

We proudly play that role, given that workplace injustice is a flat wrong that should never be condoned.

We welcome contacts from readers, as well as the opportunity to apply our legal experience and acumen on behalf of any individual who suffers from sexual harassment at work, in school or in any other environment.