San Diego Mayor resigns over sexual harassment scandal

Posted in Sexual Harassment on August 30, 2013

Several of our recent posts have focused on perhaps the largest sexual harassment scandal currently making headlines; the one involving San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. According to news sources, Filner will only hold his current title until 5:00 p.m. today, when he will officially resign as part of a deal negotiated with the San Diego City Council.

Although many Californians are happy to hear that Mr. Filner is finally stepping down, most are less than pleased with the deal he struck in order to do so. In exchange for his resignation, the City Council has agreed to pay Filner’s legal fees and any compensatory damages related to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by his former director of communications. She is just one of 19 women who have publicly accused Filner of sexual harassment or misconduct.

A more just resolution to the scandal would be for Filner to step down because it is the right thing to do. Nonetheless, this deal will remove from office a man who many San Diego residents believe is no longer fit to serve as mayor.

Until a special election is held later this year, the city council president will be filling in as acting mayor. He has not yet taken office, but has already announced that he plans to reinstate Filner’s former director of communications. 

With so many accusations and lawsuits against him, Mr. Filner’s troubles are far from over. However, his resignation and the announcement of a special election will hopefully help restore peace and progress in California’s second largest city. 


Source: L.A. Times, “Bob Filner’s last day as San Diego mayor; special election set,” Tony Perry, Aug. 30, 2013