Sexual harassment at America’s national parks

Posted in Sexual Harassment on October 14, 2016


The United States is a country of spectacular sights and scenery. America’s national parks offer perhaps the most majestic views of our country’s natural wonders.

But not all is well within the National Park Service.

There have been widespread reports of sexual harassment of female employees at national parks. At Yosemite National Park, there have been at least 18 recent reports of misconduct.

The superintendent of Yosemite National Park recently resigned after concerns by employees that he was creating a hostile work environment by not addressing complaints of sexual harassment, bullying, gender bias, and other inappropriate behavior.

There have been complaints of sexual harassment and other misconduct at other national parks as well, including Yellowstone and Grand Canyon. Female employees have reported male colleagues demanding sex. One employee reported that a male colleague was watching her shower through a bathroom window. Another employee reported that a male supervisor tried to kiss her at a work function. And these allegations have been going on for years.

No employee should have to tolerate this type of behavior. Victims of sexual harassment have legal rights. But it can be frightening to speak up. Many fear that reporting the misconduct will result in embarrassment, bullying, retaliation or job loss.

The law protects victims of sexual harassment. An employer cannot fire, demote or retaliate against a victim for reporting the conduct. When they do, they can be held accountable for their illegal behavior. And victims may be eligible for compensation for their suffering.

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