Testimonial from a client who was sexually harassed while at work

I spent nearly six years of my life working hard for a company. After being sexually harassed and treated very badly, I ultimately made the decision to fight for my rights and consult an attorney. With that decision in mind, I began my search for representation and found an office in Los Angeles. I had an interview scheduled, showed up on the appointed date, and was dismayed to find one of the attorneys quite literally falling asleep during said interview. When he was not dozing off, he seemed indifferent and dismissive in his demeanor. At the conclusion of the interview, they told me that my case was “…worth no more than thirty-to-forty thousand dollars,” and that as a result of their estimate, they were not interested in my case. I left their offices feeling shattered, and with so many questions. I did not give up though.

I decided to continue the search on my home computer and was lucky to come across the Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP website; what a difference they were! Throughout the whole process, I felt cared for, respected, and enjoyed the air of professionalism displayed by every WMB&T representative I came into contact with. And when it came to my settlement, which was substantially more than the “thirty-to-forty thousand” estimate I received from the previous firm, I was just as satisfied as I was with how I was treated. As a result, I highly recommend WB&S without hesitation to anyone seeking competent, caring, yet professional legal representation.

Thank you Kelli, Kent, Claudia, and Tia. Love you all.