USC Grad Alleges Sexual Harassment by Professor

Posted in Sexual Harassment on October 27, 2017

Graduate student Karissa Fenwick is suing the University of Southern California, saying her professor allegedly abused her and was not immediately fired after the university conducted a five-month investigation into her sexual harassment allegations. Dr. Erick Guerrero described himself as the “hot latino professor” and is denying the claims made against him.

USC officials say Guerrero has been banned from any leadership positions and his office has been moved away from students. The school also says he will not be teaching any classes or supervising students.

USC Student Sues Professor over Sexual Harassment

“I still can’t stop thinking about what Dr. Guerrero did to me.  Time doesn’t necessarily heal that wound. I feel that by coming forward, I have done the right thing to make sure that this doesn’t happen to other students.”   Victim Karissa Fenwick

“Despite USC damning investigation report they chose not to alert the faculty and students of their finding of Guerrero’s unquestionable guilt  on the part of their tenured professor and instead gave this dangerous sexual predator a slap on the wrist.”  Sexual Abuse Attorney John Winer

Winer, McKenna & Burritt attorney John Winer is spearheading the lawsuit.

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