Asian Woman Wins Sexual Harassment Settlement Against Large Computer Company

$500,000 – Asian Woman Wins Sexual Harassment Settlement Against Large Computer Company

Plaintiff was a 35 year old, foreign-born, married employee of a large computer company. She claimed that her supervisor (from the same country as plaintiff) coerced her into performing oral sex on him on 3 occasions. After the third occasion she became so disgusted that she told her husband about the harassment and a report was made to the company.

During the litigation the company took the position that the relationship between the supervisor and plaintiff was strictly consensual and provided information which tended to support its position.

Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP was retained to represent plaintiff. The law firm, through extensive discovery and retention of experts, countered defendant’s consensuality claim by providing evidence that the factors that made the relationship look consensual were, in fact, culturally-based, and under defendant perpetrator and plaintiff’s culture, a female naturally acts subservient to a male. Thus, putting in doubt plaintiff’s ability to resist the sexual demands of defendant.

RESULT: Settlement on behalf of plaintiff, $500,000.

*Many of the cases that Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP, has settled are highly confidential. In order to provide consumers with an accurate list of settlements, we have accurately stated the amount of the settlement and the facts of the case, but we have changed the location of the cases and the industry of the companies we have sued to make the identification of the actual company impossible.