Employees Settle Race & Gender Discrimination Case

$1,725,000 – Employees Settle Race and Gender Discrimination Case

Plaintiffs were several female employees who claimed gender discrimination and a combination of male and female employees who claimed discrimination based on the fact that they were Hispanic. They wall worked for a large transportation company. Several of the plaintiffs were truck drivers who alleged that as women and/or Hispanics they were given inferior routes and had to perform more heavy labor than their male counterparts. Another plaintiff worked in the front office and claimed that she was paid substantially less than a male counterpart who performed the exact same functions.

The company defended its actions by claiming that all employees were treated equally, and any discrepancy in job functions or pay had to do with merit and were not discriminatory.

Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP performed considerable discovery which turned up evidence to indicate that there was, in fact, unequal pay, and that women and Hispanic employees were not given the privileges of white male employees. In addition, the law firm was able to locate witnesses who testified that a female manager did not believe that women should even be truck drivers.

RESULT: $1,725,000 settlement on behalf of plaintiffs