Four Employees Of A Funeral Business Claim Discrimination, Retaliation & Illegal Practices

$500,000 — Four Employees of a Funeral Business Claim Discrimination, Retaliation and Illegal Practices —

Plaintiffs in this case were four employees of a large funeral business. One employee alleged that the company discriminated against her on the basis of sex and all of the employees claimed that they were wrongfully terminated because they complained about illegal activities that were occurring at the cemetery. The alleged illegal acts of the funeral home included misrepresenting sales people as “family counselors,” discriminating against certain ethnic groups and nationalities in terms of charging for services and misrepresenting the type of care that would be provided to the deceased and their families.

The defendant denied all of these allegations and alleged that the plaintiffs were simply troublemakers.

This case received significant media attention on the television news and as a result of the case, the company claims to have changed its practices.

RESULT: $500,000 settlement on behalf of the plaintiffs.