Men Bring Disability & Racial Discrimination Case Against A Large Machinery Company

$1,450,000 — Men Bring Disability and Racial Discrimination Case Against a Large Machinery Company

Plaintiffs were four men who worked for a large machinery company. Their positions within the company varied from sales to service. They claimed that they were subjected to a hostile work environment and were subjected to abuse and discrimination by a tyrannical manager of the company.

Two of the men claimed that they were discriminated against when they suffered work-related injuries or utilized family medical leave for injuries. The two other men claimed that they were subject to racial harassment and discrimination.

The company defended the actions of its manager on technical legal grounds, claiming that plaintiffs did not meet the minimum requirements for discrimination claims.

The Law Offices of Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP, by taking dozens of depositions of current and former employees, was able to produce evidence which indicated that the manager had a pattern and practice of discriminating against people in classes that were protected under the law and that the company had an insufficient Human Resources department to handle complaints and claims.

RESULT: $1,450,000 settlement on behalf of plaintiffs.