Psychiatrist Violates Boundaries Of Therapy With Female Multiple Personality Disordered Patient

$300,000 — Psychiatrist Violates Boundaries of Therapy with Female Multiple Personality Disordered Patient —

Plaintiff was a 25-year-old woman who suffered from a multiple personality disorder who sought the treatment of a psychiatrist. She alleged that the psychiatrist breached the boundaries of psychotherapy by engaging in a physical relationship with her which did not include sex, but did include lying down together, and defendant telling plaintiff intimate aspects of his life which is inappropriate.

The defendant denied that the physical contact occurred and alleged that the plaintiff’s testimony could not be trusted because she was suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

The Law Offices of Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP retained psychological experts to test the plaintiff and testify that, although she did suffer from a multiple personality disorder, she did know the difference between reality and unreality. Further, it was below the standard of care for the defendant to engage in a hugging relationship, particularly with a plaintiff with this infliction since she already had a poor sense of her own “boundaries.” The case turned when plaintiff was able to correctly recite the intimate details of defendant’s life and house which she had no other way of knowing other than through the psychiatrist’s inappropriate self revelations and plaintiff having been to defendant’s house.

RESULT: Settlement on behalf of plaintiff for $300,000.