Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP has handled some of the most significant cases in the Bay Area and California. A number of the cases have had national implications and have not only resulted in large verdicts and settlements for clients, but also have at times contributed to important changes in our society in which:

  • California and national corporations cannot place profit motives over the safety of their employees and consumers.
  • Schools, universities and other educational facilities must make a priority protection of students, both young and old, from injury and attack.
  • Medical doctors and psychotherapists must put the interests of their patients first and not injure and abuse them by medical malpractice and/or sexual abuse.
  • Public and private day care centers, churches, schools, newspaper companies and other businesses that care for or hire young children must take extraordinary precautions to protect children from injury, death and abuse.
  • The State of California and other governmental entities cannot rely on bureaucratic delays and technicalities as an excuse for failing to protect the public from dangerous conditions of roads, highways and sidewalks that injure and kill pedestrians and drivers.
  • Transportation companies, such as trains, airlines, trucks and buses must place the safety of passengers and other drivers and travelers as a priority far higher than profit margin or business efficiency.
  • Nursing homes, group homes, rehabilitation centers and landlords must place the welfare of the elderly and dependent adults over profits when deciding how to run their facilities and hire and train employees who will be responsible for taking care of this very fragile segment of our population.
  • Employers must protect their employees from sexual harassment and discrimination rather than leave them to fend for themselves.
  • Companies that handle toxics must take special precautions to avoid chemical spills and other toxic exposure rather than handling these dangerous substances without any regard to the public.
  • Companies that have control over construction sites must place the safety of all construction workers as a higher priority than meeting contract deadlines and ignoring industry safety standards to increase profits.
  • Transportation companies must take extra precautions to ensure that their drivers are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs rather than failing to take these precautions because it takes too much time or effort to protect the public from company drivers that are driving under the influence.