Teenage Girls Sexually Abused By Their Volleyball Coach

$1,860,000- Teenage girls sexually abused by their volleyball coach

2 girls were sexually abused by their volleyball coach at school and on a private volleyball team. The volleyball coach manipulated the young girls into trusting him and befriending him. He then got them addicted to drugs and engaged in sexual relations with them for an extended period of time.

The coach was arrested after one of the Plaintiffs reported his conduct to the police. The coach ultimately pled guilty to several felonies and was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Defendants were negligent in failing to take reasonable protective measures to protect the minor players on their volleyball teams from sexual exploitation. Had Defendants acted properly regarding their training, supervision, monitoring and investigation of their coaches, they would have uncovered the coach’s habitual drug use and his highly improper relationship with one of the Plaintiffs. In turn, this would have prevented the coach from ever becoming involved with the other Plaintiff.

Kelli Burritt was an associate at another law firm when this case was litigated by her.

Result: $1,860,000 settlement