Two Housekeepers Sue Hotel For Sexual Harassment By Its General Manager

$250,000 — Two Housekeepers Sue Hotel for Sexual Harassment By Its General Manager —

While working at her previous law firm, Alexis McKenna represented two plaintiffs working as housekeepers at a hotel. They brought suit against the hotel and its general manager for sexual harassment they alleged they had suffered from the general manager. They claimed he had made numerous offensive sexual remarks and jokes to them, such as a joke about Monica Lewinsky and oral sex. Further, one plaintiff alleged he made another comment to one of the plaintiffs about her tongue ring and oral sex, and that he said to her that he had seen naked pictures of her. The other Plaintiff also alleged that the general manager had touched her breast. Both Plaintiffs claimed they eventually quit because of the sexual harassment.

The Plaintiffs claimed they complained to their direct supervisor about the sexual harassment. However, the harassment continued.

The direct supervisor, when deposed, admitted she had received these complaints.

Defendants denied any sexual harassment occurred. The hotel claimed they conducted a thorough investigation once they found out about the complaints. They claimed the supervisor who had been told of alleged sexual harassment had mishandled the situation in violation of policy by not notifying human resources but she was disciplined for it.

RESULT: Settlement for the plaintiffs, $250,000.

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