Woman Sexual Harassed by Supervisor at Transportation Company

Plaintiff alleged she was subjected to sexual harassment by her supervisor while working for a transportation company in the Sacramento area. Her supervisor physically and verbally harassed her, including making repeated vulgar comments to her, hugging her numerous times, forcibly kissing her, and rubbing her thigh. Plaintiff claimed she complained repeatedly to another supervisor, who only reported it up the chain of command after the forced kiss. The company’s CEO then investigated the complaint, but he did so ineptly. In fact, he fired the Plaintiff in the middle of his investigation, which she claimed was retaliatory. In the course of litigation, the company tried to trash the Plaintiff’s character, attempting to make her out as unstable, and alleged that she herself engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct. Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis LLP was able to deflect this “blame the victim” approach and settle the case at mediation.