Woman Sexually Abused As A Teenager By Police Officers She Worked With

$1,000,000- Woman sexually abused as a teenager by police officers she worked with

This case was brought 25 years after the sexual abuse occurred under a specific California statute that opened up the statute of limitations for 1 year due to the church sex abuse cases. Plaintiff was a teenage Explorer Scout at a police department in Southern California. Two police officers sexually assaulted and abused her, causing life long emotional distress and damages.

Plaintiff was a teenage Explorer Scout with a police department when she was sexually assaulted and abused by two police officers. This all occurred back in the 1980’s. During litigation, Plaintiff was in her 40’s.

Plaintiff sued the police department for negligence under CCP section 340.1.

Plaintiff contended the police department was negligent because they knew or should have known of the police officer’s sexual abuse of Plaintiff.

Just a few years prior to being hired by the police department, one of the officers had been terminated by another police department for sexually assaulting a teenage female Explorer Scout. The police department knew this information, yet hired him. Not only did they negligently hire this officer, they allowed him unfettered access to underage female Explorer Scouts where he engaged in the same conduct with Plaintiff.

In the early 1980’s, Plaintiff came forward and informed the new commanding officers at the police department of the sexual abuse. Plaintiff’s allegations of sexual abuse were substantiated following an extensive investigation. As a result of the investigation, the two officers were terminated from the police department.

Although the sexual abuse occurred over 25 years ago, key documents were found regarding the investigation and witnesses were located and deposed who corroborated Plaintiff’s allegations against the police department.

Kelli Burritt was an associate at another law firm when she litigated this case.

RESULT: $1,000,000 settlement