What will be your motivation for reporting sexual harassment?

Posted in Sexual Harassment on July 12, 2014

Reporting sexual harassment in the workplace is an act of bravery and an act of self-respect. The women and men who feel compelled to report this inappropriate behavior often suffer a lot of criticism and self-doubt as a result of their advocacy.

But make no mistake: it takes courage and self-respect to report sexual harassment. Those who find the courage should be celebrated, even if it is anonymously. The Huffington Post recently featured nearly a dozen anonymous testimonials posted on the message-sharing app “Whisper,” all with the theme of standing up to sexual harassment.

Some of the testimonials reveal the mixed emotions that come with reporting sexual harassment. One reads: “Someone may lose their job because I reported them for sexual harassment. I feel bad, but they deserved it.”

Another testimonial says: “I filed a sexual harassment charge on a guy at work. I’m proud of myself for stepping up but I lost several friends in the process . . .”

Some of the testimonials remind us that reporting harassment often helps others who may be suffering as well. One anonymous testimonial says: “Reported a sexual harassment claim on Monday. Today I learned that 3 other cases were brought to light regarding the same person due to me standing up for myself.”

One person posted on behalf of a sibling. The post reads: “My baby sister has always been a shy and timid person. Today she reported her manager for sexual harassment. I’m so proud of her for finally being able to stand up for herself.”

These kinds of messages are important reminders that doing the right thing is not easy, but it is always worthwhile. If you have been trying to find the courage to report sexual harassment at work, consider these posts as inspiration. Do it for yourself, for other victims and for a sense of justice – but please do it.

Source: The Huffington Post, “11 Brave Women Who Reported Sexual Harassment In The Workplace,” Alanna Vagianos, July 10, 2014