When your employer does nothing to stop sexual harassment at work

Posted in Sexual Harassment,Sexual Harassment at Work on November 30, 2016


Sexual harassment in the workplace is wrong and it is illegal. Yet, it happens in workplaces throughout the United States.

When confronted with allegations of sexual harassment, an employer should take immediate action to stop that behavior.

But what happens when an employer allows the conduct to keep occurring?

In a recent case, a female employee of the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority was being repeatedly harassed by her boss. He was demanding hugs and making harassing phone calls. When she complained, she was given the least desirable shift and told “maybe this isn’t the job for you” by her supervisor.

When a supervisor or employer fails to correct a situation – or when the conduct is being initiated by a supervisor or manager and it is unclear who the conduct should be reported to – it is advisable to speak to an employment law attorney.

Failing to take action can be problematic for a business. It can subject the business to the possibility of litigation, affect employee morale, and cause irreparable harm to the business’ reputation. While it is in an employer’s best interests to immediately correct the issue, this does not always happen.

When you feel like your employer is not on your side, do not lose hope. Victims of sexual harassment deserve to learn about their legal options. Victims may be eligible for compensation. An experienced attorney can provide support and help the victim take appropriate legal action following harassment at work, or retaliation for reporting the incident(s).

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